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Suite Pt. 1 Suite Pt. 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

that's great

that's really really good man, in fact it's so good i'm sorta sceptical as to whether you wrote it yourself! that's honestly no offense but i'm in college studying classical music and i know a lot abut it and when i came on here and went to the classical section, a lot of it was what people who didn't know anything about it pictured it to be like, rather than in any way real sounding classical music. so forgive my scepticism, if you did write it fair fucks. deserves to have a lot more listens and a higher rating definately. orchestration is great, one thing i'd say is there's a lot of ideas in the first minute, not an overload or anything but what a lot of people do when they start off (and long after some people) is that they're nearly scared of losing an audiences interest and have lots of sonority and idea changes very quickly, one of the most mature pieces i've ever heard was at a composition symposium in maynooth, ireland (that's where i'm in colloege), and there was this electronic piece, and it took so much time to come to a new idea but it sounded great, because the guy was happy with the material and it really came through that he knew it was good and he was just gonna take his time if he felt like it! well there's a very long winded way of saying, be confident in your stuff, cos it's good! very very very good job!